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Who is Gambol?


     Gambol (Gamble) is an independent writer and CEO of the Luxury Literature brand. He's the mind behind the Memoirs of a Game Dealer book series. The books are a collection of Gambol's experiences as a Table Games Dealer working in the gaming casino business. Most Dealers keep their mouth's shut, but Gambol's diary entries have "no-filter" as he accurately re-tells some of his funniest, darkest, and exciting experiences as a dealer. He's the dealer degenerate gamblers warn you about!


      From the MGD series, Gambol has written more books on a variety of topics and continues to expand the Luxury Literature empire.  The goal of his brand is to provide a better reading experience for his audience.  Gambol's quest for world domination will not stop until there's a Luxury Literature book in every person's hand!

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