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Petty Poetry:
A Collection Of Ignorance

Poetry has always expressed creativity,        hope, positivity, and love...well it just got nasty, rachet, deadly, rude, and petty.  This classic collection of ignorance plunges your soul into a dark place most people avoid.  The black Poe of his time horrifies, kills, disturbs, and scares his readers with Macabre style poems and short stories that will make it hard to sleep at night.  Pieces like Scareraven  will bring nightmares to dreams.  Date At The Asylum  will make you clutch a knife. Encounter a Pimp Nevermore. Trippin’ Balls will take you on a spiritual trippy session. With Return Of The Raven being the petty version of Edgar Poe’s literary classic The Raven; which requires locked doors and pistol packing for reading.  This first Ravens Society release is “ignit” but it had to be done, the petty poet believes being petty is fun!


The Manual

 The Manual is the #1

weight training guide. 

If you want to strengthen

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this is for you!

The challenging 12-week program will give you muscle gains, endurance, amazing physique, energy, confidence, and power!

Build the body of iron you deserve with the workout Manual


Diary Of A Dealer


The dirtiest dealer in the game brings together the ultimate collection from the  Memoirs Of A Game Dealer series 1-4.  Diary Of A Dealer is a compilation of Gambol’s best & worst diary entries.  Follow the casino outlaw from MGD:1, when he started as a green dealer.  To MGD:4, where he analyses the socioeconomic structure inside the degenerate infested casino.   

     Through unfiltered anecdotes, short stories, and very dark humor Gambol unapologetically shares his experiences.  #BlackBooks have always been forbidden, be warned before opening this dealer’s diary!


P.I. Foxx

Case File #7

    Private Investigator Murphy Foxx takes on the biggest case of his career, which could ultimately cost him his life!  In Chicago’s “Crook” County the criminal underworld is impossible to penetrate.  Gangsters, Drug  Lords, Mobsters, Pimps, and their affiliates secretly run criminal enterprises that control the city. 
    Foxx must go undercover to bring down the Russian  Mafia’s street Lieutenant, the infamous Saber.  Putting all his skills to the final test, Murphy must be sly as a fox and quicker to his gun trigger.  Or be eaten alive by the shadow world closing in around him

Memoirs of a Game Dealer

    A shift by shift breakdown of events, thoughts, experiences, and feelings of a real-life casino table games dealer. What goes through our minds while on a live table game other than math? Every Dealer has a story; this is mine. Welcome to the mind of your most hated casino game dealer.

MGD:2 Dual Rate

    The 2nd installment of the Game Dealer Series. Gambol continues his career in the casino gaming industry as a dealer and is promoted to Dual Rate floor supervisor! New professional & social experiences give Gambol a psychological outlook and he diagnosis a few symptoms in the gaming life. Also introducing new terms to the gambling world. Read at your own risk!

MGD: 3rilogy M.O.B

    Gambol reveals the casino is unlike any other environment, it's a real Beast! Diary style entries covering casino culture, Dealer stories, racial tension, casino crimes, Degenerate gamblers; and the hell that's hidden behind the neon lights and money of the casino world. Beware the Dealer with the Mark of the Beast 777.

MGD: 4 Gods of Game

 The Evil Degenerate spawns plague a once pure gambling universe with chaos, insanity, ignorance, and confusion. The God of Game takes the mortal form of a casino Dealer to bring the universe to order! Empowered to deal Game, Gambol cleanses the casino of corrupt degenerate gamblers, making the game pure and enjoyable for the players again.

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