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2020 end already!!

Welcome to 2020! My first blog 3 months into the new year. I felt towards the end of 2019 that 2020 was going to be on some bullshit. For me, it has been. I've been feeling like MJG when he rapped on that Keep Your Mind song from No More Glory "I got hang-ups, let down, bad breaks, setbacks, job took my check back! hoping Imma sweat that!" I mean got damn if life was a video game somebody went into options and turned the difficulty on to Hard asf!

I'm not going into any details of how 2020 has been getting in my ass. But it definitely has made me up my security, monetary wise and people wise. Let's just say I was crossed by an individual I considered family. My circle small asf and I never seen the cross coming because it was from someone in my circle. The only thing I got out of that cold life lesson was, life is getting harder, people are going through more extremes to live, and you really can't trust anybody in today's society.

Other than that, there were tragedies worse than my cross. The death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. That came out of nowhere and took everyone by surprise. I think a plane crash is one of the worse kinds of deaths. What can a person do while they are plummeting down to there death? It was a terrible way for a man to go out while holding onto his daughter as they awaited their helicopter's crash. A major loss to his family, the NBA, and society.

I never understood why doesn't every air/flight service provide a parachute for EVERY passenger just in case shit goes down. It's 2020 and you're telling me there's no parachute technology that can produce lightweight chute's to save crash flight victims from falling to their death? C'mon man! That's why I hate catching flights now. My last hour flight to ATL I felt like I wanted to shit myself. I'm the type of person to try and sleep for an entire flight in case the shit does crash and hopefully I can die in my sleep smh.

Towards the end of 2019, I could have sworn there were rumors of world war 3...I think It was going to be the U.S. vs China/Russia/Iraq. A fucked up handicap wrestling match. Then all of a sudden, the U.S. sneaky ass said: "China got coronavirus". Instantly, all the war talk went away and all the sanitizers in stores were sold out lol. Classic propaganda chess move by the U.S. to defuse the WW3 rumor.

Now let's get to the picture I chose for this blog post. I sent my book P.I. Foxx: Case File #7 to Red City for a review. It took so long for them to review it after I submitted it I forgot all about it. Then magically, like two days ago I was scrolling through some emails to delete and there it was. This review was a lot better than the first book review I sent them for Memoirs of A Game Dealer where they labeled me a disgruntled worker smh After reading or living the shit I had to go through working in the casino, who wouldn't be disgruntled. I go in there everyday feeling and being a target where EVERYONE was a snake.

On the review for P.I. Foxx, they used words like "riveting"! That book is nothing short of amazing for my first fiction book. They said the story went by too fast but it was a fast past story and plot...which I intended to do. In P.I. Foxx, I was testing my fictional writing skills. The story and plot for that book had been resting in my head since the 7th grade when I heard that Twista & Speedknot album Mobstability. I always thought that album should have been a movie. Instead, I made it into a book years later. You can purchase P.I. Foxx through or and if you want to read the review Red City did for it, just follow this link

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