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Real Red Bottoms

Finally, it took a nigga from Canada! (Tory Lanez voice) To ca$h out one of these combative mouth ass bots. He gave her some real red bottoms chicks die to wear. She most likely talked that wreckless shit thinking he wasn't going to do anything like most dudes she dealt with, wrong. Then played the victim when the rest of the world is watching, FOH.

Keep that same energy that caused Tory to pull that gun out. Rats and ratchets gonna learn men don't fight like girls, men get violent because we have nuts and we know what buttons not to press on other men to avoid violent outcomes. From experience, chicks with that energy always keep 12 coming around and keep niggas caught up in this country's system.

I never heard anything about Tory getting into any fuck shit until she came around. Now he has to deal with all this legal shit which is draining and distracting from simply making music and getting his bag. And (fill in the blank)'s get offended when the no-good black man gets blessed with the resources to live like a King then decides to deal with real women that lower the chances of him losing everything he built because of a rat's smart lying ass mouth. Leave them bad bitches for Gorilla tha P to "handle" because he ain't got shit to lose and will keep a constant foot in they ass. Shout out to Tory and Canada! (in his voice). @Big_Gambol

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