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Ravens Society


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Ravens Society

by Gambol

What’s a Ravens Society? Many may be asking this, honestly, I haven’t pinpointed what Ravens Society is yet. The picture with the giant black Raven and two girls at each side might communicate it’s some type of cult? If I could create a cult following based off a simple idea that grew into what we all now see every time I post something on social media, hash tagging “Ravens Society”, so be it!

With Covid-19 devastating everyday life, people are getting a lot more home time to spend with their families, bond with the internet, subscribe to new cyber 304’s (1) Onlyfans page, and watching celebrities throw live concerts in empty venues, thanks to the new norm of social distancing. People also have been taking this new access to free time to hone new skills to help pass time or learn a new trade to work from home. This is the only benefit caused by the Corona virus pandemic.

This time has kept me locked inside my room and forced me to learn new skills, but I’ve always wanted the extra free time to do that. It was unexpected, but I naturally began practicing more with Photoshop. I pulled up some tutorial videos on YouTube that taught me how to create better pictures and layouts. It started with making better book covers, then club flyers, and altering images to my desire. Somewhere, the concept of Raven was on my mind and like a man possessed, my hands moved on their own. What was a foggy thought in my mind, then interpreted through Photoshop. Now has become Ravens Society.

While learning new graphic design tricks, I worked on becoming a better writer also. I began reading words from the dictionary, how poems are written, and how to write professional articles like a journalist. Ultimately, I plan to learn so much about writing that I can make a better and more mentally healthy career. If I can get paid to write from home, that will solve 90% of my problems! Some people might think that as self-torture, to lock myself away inside all day and write away from the rest of society. People that think that don’t know me too well!

For some reason, people always wanted to bait me into customer service jobs? I believe American society always wants Black people in a service/servitude position like in the good old slave days yeah right. I know from experience those are the shit jobs. Taking crap from a stranger that probably would want to kill you in the street and you have to smile at them because it’s a part of the job? Fuck that! I don’t have the tolerance or energy for it, especially at the expense of my stress and mental health. All for a check that will be gone before I see it due to never-ending bills.

The Egyptians wrote on the Pyramids “Know Thy Self”. When I read that, I took time out to sit down and study myself. Find out what type of person I am, what makes me happy, mad, sad, what I can tolerate, what type of work doesn’t stress me out, ­and what work I have a lot of energy for and can excel at. Once my self-evaluation was complete, I shifted myself away from the mainstream population. Mainly because the majority wouldn’t understand me and do not care too. And most people in society are brainwashed trying to be like everyone else.

When I diagnosed I wasn’t and didn’t want to be like the “In-Crowd” (2) I shifted to become a member of the Out-crowd (3). Which has worked out for me because I positioned myself out the direct fire of a lot of stress. I shake my head whenever I’m out and see people trying to be what society scripts them to be. Like when you see an anti-social person with extreme social anxiety doing a cashier job. My first thought is always Why would they do that to themselves? Because they do not know themselves. Or maybe they really need the money? Lol Everyone isn’t meant to be in the social elite or not for too long and it’s ok. It will benefit me and society if I stick to my strengths. In my time of solitude and peace, ideas like Ravens Society are created that people across the world can enjoy!

What is Ravens Society exactly? It started as a practice drill to create club flyers. Then the

little details began taking place. The purple rain, raven/gambol tattoo on the model, to lightening coming out of black clouds. Lessons from a logo tutorial added more input. Throw in a few downloaded brushes (4) and now the creation is alive! The Raven logo represents the dark writing style of literary legend Edgar Allan Poe. The girls represent a cult-like following of cute out crowd girls. The scripted language inside the Raven's wings is Wakandan (5) and translates to “Ravens Society”. Is it a dark poetry club for writers? Is it a writer’s club? Dark lifestyle movement? Secret Society? Urban/Gothic coalition? Publishing label? Name of a poem? A Future book cover? What is the infamous Ravens Society?!

In closing, my answer as of now is…it’s a combination of all these things. I pulled different technical tools together as well as ideas and feelings. To now present Ravens Society in all its unique glory. Memberships to the exclusive society are at my discretion. And we operate like the Mob. Once you’re in, its until death do you part! Or you change your phone

1. 304 – Woman of leisure, ho, a prostitute.

2. In-Crowd – The socially popular.

3. Out-Crowd – Social outcast, not socially cool, outlaw, social misfit.

4. Brushes – Digital art tool in Photoshop software to create graphic designs.

5. Wakandan – The African language & alphabet in Wakanda from the movie Black Panther.­­

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