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The Iron Book!

A book made of Iron? Who else could think of that but me! After all those years of working out as a student-athlete, I've packaged all my weight training knowledge and routine into; what I call The MANUAL.

This book has helped me clean my mind and workout routine. I'd normally go to the gym and freestyle my exercises, doing whatever lift I wanted. This weight training manual has brought all that to order.

I came up with the idea of writing this book brainstorming on the experiences and knowledge I have. I helped myself out with this book because I'd save the lifts on my phone to remind me of which ones I wanted to do once I made it to the gym. Now I can bring my Manual with me because It has all my workouts in it. I'm trying to have all the swole people in the gym reading through the Manual between lifting sets; looking like some real nerds! But that's the beauty of it, people can look smart carrying the Manual around and get big at the same time! No, the book isn't sweat proof!

The Manual is where brains meet brawn. I surprised myself with how the layout came out. I was playing around on my computer and the Iron God took my hands and constructed a cover design I was pleased with. The original cover was going to look very basic, but the design continued to evolve as I put the book together. Along with this new book, I updated my website a little. I was "Reading in Style" with my Luxury Literature brand but I decided to change it to provide "A Better Reading Experience". I don't want my readers just reading my books. Reading can sound boring and make people's eyes feel dry just thinking about that. I provide an experience. Experience my new release The Manual and leave a review on my website or Instagram @LuxuryLiterature or @Big_Gambol.

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