Explaining Stupid



4:45 pm

So if the look on the image doesn't paint a picture of how my face looks when i know some retarded ass degenerate gambler is walking towards my table like i'm about to cater to their fuck shit with a big coon ass smile and "yes man" opinion....GOT ME FUUUUCKED UP!!

No disrespect at all to anyone who may be diagnosed as clinically retarded, i'm talking about these stupid MF's that society claims to be "normal". I'll be in the casino dealing cards and i'll get one of these entitled feeling DG's on my table. Once they start losing, they'll want a logical explanation for why they're losing? Unfortunately, no one can explain stupid.

I'm a honest guy so i keep the truth to myself. But some DG's demand from me as a dealer to explain why they're losing all their money in the casino everyday. Aight, well i'm not going to lie to you motherfucker....your stupid as fuck! That's the reason why your losing. Just flat out stupidity and being an addict for trying to search for the mystery of losing and why you can't never win big in the casino. Trying to explain to someone they have a 85.3% chance of losing the moment they enter the casino (at least the one i work at) goes beyond them. DG's really believe once they enter the casino they are part of gods 14.7% chosen few that will win big in the casino, most of the time they're not.

Then when a DG tries to hold me accountable for an explanation i don't have, that's when we have a problem lol. I would think people losing thousands daily in the casino would have some type of common sense, but a lot don't. These MF's own businesses or are self employeed making more money than any casino could pay but their stupid ass's will religiously be in the casino everyday searching for explanations for why they can't win smfh. It's like with religious people, you supposed to be looking for god. But with a DG, they're using that energy to search for the simplest answer that's right under their nose.

DG: "Why can't i never win Gambol!? Your going to have to come up with a good explanation for why i just lost $30,000."

Gambol: "You got me fucked up because i don't have to explain shit, your just stupid as fuck if you ask me...maybe even a little on the retarded side. But you can sit on your goofy ass until your life expires trying to make sense of all this shit...my shift over and my ass going home to figure out my own mystery of how can i make $30,000 a day to fuck off in the casino!" #GambolLife

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