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Free Inmate



4:10 pm

That's how I be feeling when i'm locked in my room typing or writing (with my gold pen that doubles as knife lol) a free prison inmate. I'm free in a "normal" sense where i can walk out the house and go get something to eat or go to a movie theater. But some days all i'll do is read, write, study, and lift weights in my own personalized prison.

Maybe i'm a prisoner to the same everyday routine. I'll go to work, then after i put up with the bull shit from there i'll go home and sleep to recharge from being drained from work. Just being at the job drains me no matter if its slow or not.

Then once i'm charged i'll work on my writing, read through another book, go to the gym, and continue how to figure out how i can escape my current job. I only show up for the check, the company can keep the mission statement and all that other brain wash talk they load up the other androids (employees) on the job. I think it's funny whenever someone from a management position tries to feed me that bull shit on the job like i'm 18 years old, fresh out of high school, like i don't know shit. I normally look at them like they're stupid, because they are stupid for thinking I would believe what they're saying. At age 30 something lol i have to play dumb with everybody on the job. All i can say (write) is for anybody with a 9 to 5 job that involved working with a lot of people and job politics, just read Power by Robert Greene. That book has been navigating me through the bull shit of the work place since i read it 8 years ago.

All i want to do is escape my job plantation and be confined to my prison at home and get paid to write my own books and magazines all day. I'm doing that now but not to where i can completely tell my job to kiss my ass and take a horse laxative and shit on a table there lol of these days! #GambolLife

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