Gambol Life Magazine!!

It's finally here! My magazine! All about me! I had to keep pushing this one back due to work and day to day living. But I was able to get some down time to wrap up this project up. Didn't like leaving my readers hanging waiting on the next product from Luxury Literature but i delivered the product!

I harnessed the graphic design skills i learned and dedicated a magazine to myself. The other two magazines i created were more business oriented. I let go and had fun with GL (Gambol Life) Magazine. From highlighting my Luxury Literature business to my infatuation with my tattoos, the magazine revolves around my life...Gambol Life!

How many people can say they have a magazine about themselves and what they do during their lives? I can! I should start carrying around a bunch of magazines so that when people ask who I'am I can slap them with a GL magazine like "That's who Iam!" lol 😂 Like any other publication I finished creating, I'm just riding the wave of completing the project. It's just something i like to do so my pay off is having another creation i can call my own and felt good doing it. If it sells a million or 0 I already have a glow inside me about finishing it. But it would be great to sell a million plus copies of a magazine about me lol.

I really created the magazine to keep my family and friends i grew up with up to date with how I been living and what's been new with me. I'm always private and don't like putting my personal business on social media so with GL magazine I can keep my family in the loop about how Gambol "Most of them know me as J" has been doing. I haven't been to my home town in so long I know most of them wouldn't believe I started getting tattoo's , playing with guns and other activities i'm not going to mention lol I'm not going to spoil other hobbies i became accustom to during my life journey. But if you want to find out what those are, visit my website and order you copy of GL magazine to get all in my personal "Bidness"....yeah thats how i meant to spell it!

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