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Memoirs of a Blog Poster




Well here's my first go at posting a blog on my website! Hopefully it's no harder then typing another book. I'm dragging right now, i'm on my one-two drink of Redbull and Orange juice. After hitting the gym on a new protein I will need the energy. Where will i begin this blog? Like i always do in my game dealer memoirs...going off about some bullshit a Degenerate Gambler said to me!

So i'm at work in the casino today and one of the regular DG's (Degenerate Gamblers) said i was weird trying to be funny? I been called weird since i was a kid so i take it as a compliment.

I can come off weird, but if i do come off that way it's usually because you said or did some bullshit i didn't like or agree with. So it's hard for me to fake a conversation, the DG is a known POS (peace of shit) and she know i don't like her. I been on probation at work because i been talking back to the DG's and been getting into some trouble sooo i been playing it safe by not saying anything at all lol (which still pisses them off)

But of course i come off weird to people i don't want to talk to. I know the type of people i have good social chemistry with and not. People i don't click with i don't waste the energy to talk to because it takes a lot of energy for me to fake a conversation because i'm trying to repress my real thoughts from coming out of my mouth sounding like a hospitable professional. My vocabulary is limited around people i don't like around me and in any other environment i have the option of walking away...but not at work! I have to stand or sit there and put on a act.

That's the type of job i'm still trapped in, putting up with fake shit for a check. I wanted to tell that DG "Lady i only get weird when your retarded ass come up to my table thinking i'm happy to see you....bitch all that bull shit you talked to me in the past still fresh in my mind, i don't forget shit!" #GambolLife #LuxuryLiterature #Gambol #CashGame

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