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Red Eye




Yeah that's how my eye looks on the display picture smh I have no idea what could have caused it. I looked it up on the internet and found it could be anything from weight lifting heavy weights, coughing, or laughing too hard. Good those are all good reasons, i was about to say i have so much indirect stress from work it fucked up my eye to where a blood vessel broke! lol I be in the casino trying so hard to chill and not get indirectly stressed, i can handle direct stress easy...but that indirect stuff is tricky. Like little subtle things nobody cares or pays attention to can get on my nerves and irritate me.

I'm hoping this red eye will scare DG's (Degenerate Gamblers) away from my table lol When their looking for a dealer to fuck with and see me with a red eye like i been through some shit, maybe they'll get the fuck on! But with my luck, these mf's will think their the cure for my broken blood vessel smfh "Oh here's a intimidating looking dealer with a fucked up eye, let me help him out by playing with him and talking shit once i start losing money and complaining why i can NEVER when money in this casino...and i can say whatever i want to him because well dealers are not supposed to back talk no matter what i say."

Next thing you know i'm stuck babysitting one of societies mental cases for the next 8 hours, red eye and all smfh. Add that one plus the other 3 DG's already at playing on the table. I feel like that character Debbie on the Addams Family 2 movie, i want to yell sometime "You DG's shouldn't be here gambling at 5am, your the mixing link, you shouldn't be gambling you should be in a laboratory getting studied." lol And i know some of you may be thinking "Well damn if the DG's on the job are so bad is that bad just find another job or quit" And you are so right, but guess what? After years of applying for other jobs, no one will hire me even after enrolling back into college to learn a new skill set..NADA. Far as my writing it hasn't put me in a situation where i can quit the 9-5 altogether. I'd flat out quit and walk out on the job like i feel like doing but guess what...the bills aren't going anywhere. I'd but a man with no way of providing for himself will resort to whatever he has to survive and i'd only become a menace to society because i'd have no choice, begging for change at the red light intersection really wouldn't be my thing

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