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Issa all #BlackBook! To go with all black everything, I decided to make this book black so it could match my dress code. Which normally involves a Black T shirt and shoes. Now I'm more fashionably coordinated lol .

Diary Of A Dealer is the 5th and best book apart of my Memoirs Of A Game Dealer series. What makes this special is that it's a compilation of the best entries from all my previous MGD books. For a lazy and cheap ass MF that doesn't have the time or money to go back and read my last 4 books, they can get caught up with this one "Gambolation" book.

There's even a bonus entry from the latest bs I had to deal with in the casino and I didn't hold back! People stumble into unlocked diaries all the time and find the owners personal business...well you can find out mine too, for a price though! #BlackBook

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